Welcome to the hottest new fan club site for the world famous
Czech band STO ZVIRAT.
 For the infidels - like the 6,234,941,713 who newer heard about
STO ZVIRAT, and the persons who do understand Czech, but think that STO ZVIRAT is some sort of wildlife organization:

  • STO ZVIRAT is the best Czech ska-band - even Petra says so - but she tells that there are others: "Fast Food Orchestra, The Chancers, Green Smatroll, Vertigo, 2v1, Fidel Castro... And these bands could get angry (or something worse :-), if they read" that we think STO ZVIRAT is the only Czech ska band - so suddenly we will hereby stop thinking – it does not matter we were not good at it anyway….
As a tribute to their new CD “NIKDY NIC NEBYLO”
we have made the site all pink